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Pronounced ‘jreevay’, this Trinidadian word with French origins means to wander or knock about at a relaxed, aimless, yet progressive pace. Imagine heading down a path and stopping to smell the roses or play with the puppies. Now imagine taking a vacation like that. It’s the way we like to do it and we want to bring back fun and relaxation to vacations and planning them.

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Hi, I’m Don, the heart and compass behind Dreevay Travel Service — your gateway to the globe from our vibrant shores of Trinidad. As a native son turned globe-trotter, I channel my extensive travel expertise into crafting bespoke vacation experiences that promise not just journeys, but adventures of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to bask in the world’s most stunning sunsets or explore hidden cultural gems, I secure the best deals to elevate your itinerary from dream to reality. We understand the Trini spirit of adventure; we’re dedicated to helping you discover the planet’s wonders with ease and excitement. Let’s make your next trip unforgettable. Connect with me and start your journey today! 

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Follow our travel adventures and get tips, trick and savings

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