10 Days In Italy Off The Beaten Path

The World famous Colosseum

Let’s go to Rome, but it’s not the Rome plastered on postcards. This is about the city’s soul, the streets that whisper tales of millennia to those who truly listen. Imagine walking in the Colosseum, feeling the echoes of gladiator roars just a heartbeat away, yet it’s calm enough to hear your own footsteps. That’s going to include skipping the midday crowds and choosing a dusk visit when the setting sun bathes ancient stones in a golden glow.

A quiet moment at the Trevi Fountain

Our trip was in June 2022 when it seems like the whole world as on vacation of the pandemic. Europe was calling and Rome was a good starting point. Because the thirst for travel and exploration was there, as soon as we got to Rome we took a taxi and headed to the hotel. We did a quick check in, even being allowed by the manager to change in a special area outside of our room. He kept out bags and allowed us to go off and roam Rome. We had no idea what we had so quickly passed through – this hotel called Nº9 Colosseum is as rich in history as what you see outside its window. Their website says: “Our prestigious and elegant structure is located in the building where the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino shot the film The Great Beauty and where the house of the protagonist Jep Gambardella was set.

Million dollar view out my window

As most European accommodation, the hotel is very understated on the exterior as it strives to blend in with its surroundings. Placed at the heart of Rome’s historic charm, No. 9 Colosseo Hotel stands as a captivating haven, offering a seamless blend of luxury and unparalleled views of the iconic Colosseum. From the moment you step through its doors, a world of sophistication and comfort unfolds.

One of the defining features of No. 9 Colosseo Hotel is the breathtaking view it provides. Imagine waking up to the sun casting its golden glow on the Colosseum, an awe-inspiring spectacle that becomes a part of your daily experience. The windows frame history, turning each moment into a connection with the ancient wonders of Rome.

When in Rome…

We are in the heart of Ancient Rome, in front of the Colosseum, a stone’s throw from the Roman Forums, from the urban residence of Emperor Nero the “Domus Aurea”, from the wonderful Basilica of Massentius, from the suggestive Baths of Caracalla, from the Basilica of the Holy Four, from the Catacombs of San Callisto and again from the parks of Villa Celimontana and Celio.

From there we explored and experienced little joys like not tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain but trying to get the best pics while surrounded by a sea of selfie sticks. And guess what? There’s something oddly refreshing about drinking ice cold water from a street pipe, a timeless Roman tradition that’s both an experience and a reprieve from the summer heat.

We didn’t rush, we soaked it all in, we chose things that resonated with us, like sauntering through the storied alleyways of Ponte and Borgo. You can always adjust your approach down the road, but starting here means stepping into a quieter chapter of Roman history, one without lines and ticket booths.

At Parco del Colle Oppio

If you desire to fill your photo albums with stories rather than just pictures then any corner of Rome will do it for you.

The 10 days in Italy will continue.

A few things to remember:

Getting there – check the Flights

Staying – our recommendation is Nº9 Col but there are tons available

Tours – just about any tour, any language, any length can be provided

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